Friday, February 10, 2006

Catechism or Blue Lightning

Here is the question. What are your feelings about it? I do not know much about Blue Lightning because I went through the degree work in lodge. I have had many discussions with a friend of mine that is a D.D.G.M. and he is bound by the Grand Lodge of Illinois to support blue lightning. I though am allowed to speak freely on the topic. I think that Blue Lightning is a easy out for many lodges due to the time and effort the degree work takes. I also believe that the candidate is a lot less likely to truly receive the importance of the lessons within the degrees. Whether its a Entered Apprentice, a Fellow Craft or Master Mason. I believe that this option should be fully left in the hands of the candidates. They should be told the advantages and disadvantages of both. They claim that speed is one of the benefits of Lighting. But I got through all three degrees in lodge in three months. Your comments or opinions please.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cheap Air line tickets

Does anyone know of a method or any discounts to get airfare cheap. I have done the priceline thing witch isn't bad. But I didnt know if anyone knows something I don't. Any promotions or websights with discounts? I will be purchasing tickets soon for our trip to Costa Rica in December. If you know of Any means or methods secrets or offers let me know. Thanks

Attending Lodge

Hello out there. I have a lodge meeting coming up on this Thursday. I traded with a fellow co-worker to get 2nd shift off on Thursday so I could attend. Our meetings are on the second Thursday of the month. This will be my first time attending a stated meeting. There will be dinner at 6:30 and Lodge at 7:30. I am always excited to walk through those doors. On a different note, my wife and I watched a movie called The Ghost Of Spoon River. We wanted to watch it because we both grew up and have lived most of our lives right where this movie was shot and is based on. The movie was based on the writings of Edgar Lee Masters and his book Spoon River Anthology. The movie was low budget but still very interesting. We were a little ways into the movie and then we both said HEY! That's Larry! And sure enough it was. Larry Eskridge, The worshipful Master of my lodge Lewistown #104. He had server different lines in the movie. It was very interesting to see someone you personally know on the DVD.
Larry is a Journalist for the Canton Daily Ledger and also a Professor at Spoon River College in Film and Drama. I might have a little fun with this on Thursday night at lodge. Well, enough for now. . Have a fraternal day!