Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Long time since posting. Masonic "cult"???

An individual recently posted a comment under my "Raised to MM" post. He believes that I am a fool for joining a "cult" as he says. He mentions Christ. I forgot to tell him that one of the first and friendly brothers I met was a minister at the local church. I asked him why he was a mason. He said "it is a great fraternity where you can talk with your fellow mankind without all of the dogma and stigma that labels everyone nowadays. You get to listen to a person and their ideas with out worrying about religion, politics or racial precession." He went on to say that after all these years he had yet to find anything that conflicted with the bible,his service to God or his congregation. I am sure that the gentleman that posted about the "cult" would be quite surprised to find out which upstanding pillar members of his church are also masons. This supposed "cult" that I have joined has improved my transactions with mankind on a daily basis. It has greatly improved my family relationship. It has improved my work ethic. The list is too large to list all. But I truly cannot think of a section of my life that has not been positively affected by masonry. I have read and know the bible very well. There is no conflict with any thing in there and masonry. There is however conflicts in the bible amongst its own words. But you will not find me posting on the Baptist boards about these. I will not try to take someone away from anything that is a positive thing in their life. If a person has improved himself and offers more to his fellow man by joining any group it is a great personal growth no matter what the group. "THERE ARE AS MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO APPROACH GOD AS THAT GOD CAN ALSO APPROACH YOU"

Friday, February 10, 2006

Catechism or Blue Lightning

Here is the question. What are your feelings about it? I do not know much about Blue Lightning because I went through the degree work in lodge. I have had many discussions with a friend of mine that is a D.D.G.M. and he is bound by the Grand Lodge of Illinois to support blue lightning. I though am allowed to speak freely on the topic. I think that Blue Lightning is a easy out for many lodges due to the time and effort the degree work takes. I also believe that the candidate is a lot less likely to truly receive the importance of the lessons within the degrees. Whether its a Entered Apprentice, a Fellow Craft or Master Mason. I believe that this option should be fully left in the hands of the candidates. They should be told the advantages and disadvantages of both. They claim that speed is one of the benefits of Lighting. But I got through all three degrees in lodge in three months. Your comments or opinions please.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cheap Air line tickets

Does anyone know of a method or any discounts to get airfare cheap. I have done the priceline thing witch isn't bad. But I didnt know if anyone knows something I don't. Any promotions or websights with discounts? I will be purchasing tickets soon for our trip to Costa Rica in December. If you know of Any means or methods secrets or offers let me know. Thanks

Attending Lodge

Hello out there. I have a lodge meeting coming up on this Thursday. I traded with a fellow co-worker to get 2nd shift off on Thursday so I could attend. Our meetings are on the second Thursday of the month. This will be my first time attending a stated meeting. There will be dinner at 6:30 and Lodge at 7:30. I am always excited to walk through those doors. On a different note, my wife and I watched a movie called The Ghost Of Spoon River. We wanted to watch it because we both grew up and have lived most of our lives right where this movie was shot and is based on. The movie was based on the writings of Edgar Lee Masters and his book Spoon River Anthology. The movie was low budget but still very interesting. We were a little ways into the movie and then we both said HEY! That's Larry! And sure enough it was. Larry Eskridge, The worshipful Master of my lodge Lewistown #104. He had server different lines in the movie. It was very interesting to see someone you personally know on the DVD.
Larry is a Journalist for the Canton Daily Ledger and also a Professor at Spoon River College in Film and Drama. I might have a little fun with this on Thursday night at lodge. Well, enough for now. . Have a fraternal day!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Freemasonry the fellowship of men

Blessed new week my fellow brothers. As I spoke before, I went to Havana, IL #88 for three E.A. degrees on Saturday....Well...Only one candidate showed up. So as they say the show must go on. I sat in a chair. The chair that has the easiest and least amount of duties. I was the Mashall. This was the first time I have been in a lodge as a master mason (besides my raising of course) My first time traveling as well. This fraternity is truly the greatest in the world. I had a great time watching the candidate go through and I made acquaintances with about 15 new friends/brothers. We had some of the best catfish filets that I have ever had. And along with the food a lot of great story telling. I love it. I always have loved listening to other peoples adventures highs and lows dreadful or gleeful real life events. It was brotherly fellowship at its best. An older mason told me once "I have met 1000 men I would have never met had it not been for masonry" This is so true. Now that I went to this lodge on Sat I met those men listened to their stories shared some of my own. What a great way to enrich your life. Oh yeah that's so-and-so the from Havana lodge that used to be a police officer and remember that story he told about.....

On a different note. I bought an apron to take with me to lodge. I bought it off of eBay and it was a good price and very high quality. I am impressed. This guy who sells them is a brother and he sews them himself. All of the symbols are embroidered not a print. I gave $65 for the apron.

Well until next time...
Fraternally yours

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Link to my Lodge of Distinction

Lewistown Masonic Lodge 104 of Illinois, U.S.A.

Another thought for today. I beleive that part of a traveling masters wages are the lessons learned from seeing things from a different view. From the meating of new brothers. The wealth of knowledge that newly found brothers can give. Just listening to life stories gives great insight.
Fraternally yours

Masonic Traveler Masters Wages.

As I stated before, I will be traveling to Havana Lodge for three E.A. degrees on Saturday. I am planning on making a conscience effort through out life to be a traveler. It is one of the rights of a Master Mason. "To receive Masters wages and travel freely" I think a lot of people never do this. I will go "cold" to a unfamiliar lodge. I want to go throught the inspection. My teacher (he is also a District Deputy Grand Master) says when I do to ask them questions back after they have asked all of theirs. He says this is your right and duty to make sure you are not entering a clandestine lodge. He said its fun to see the looks on their faces when you start asking them questions.

On the subject of reading material. I bought a book called "THE FREEMASONS" By Jasper Ridley Arcade publishing, New York, 2001.
It is a good book so far. It is a book written from facts pulled from historical texts and publishing. A very good read about the old world Freemasonry. Ridley is not a mason but was allowed to spend 60+days in the Grand Lodge on England library and archives.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Profile updated

Hello brothers and fellows, I have updated my profile page so take a look. I am improving myself on a daily basis by being "on the level" with myself and fellow man. I have recently quit smoking. I quit on Jan 13th after 14 years of 1 pack per day. I threw them into our wood burner and never looked back. I credit masonry for this. I had tried to quit many times before but I allowed my will to be weak and gave myself excuses to start back up. This time was different because I had to be a man, I had to be truthfully with myself, I had to release myself from the vices of life, I used the square to square my actions and truth to be true to myself by keeping my will strong and standing behind my decisison.

I am going to attend an E.A. ceremony this weekend. The Havana, IL lodge is bringing in three canidates starting at 8:30am with a fish fry afterwards. I am looking forward to sitting in the lodge as a M.M. and watching. Seeing what I looked like when I went through. It is great to support local lodges. I have been told and believe its true that the greater number of people in lodge on any degree leaves a greater impression on the candidate. Especially on the E.A. degee.

Well, enough for one day!
fraternally yours

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason

I just got back from the lodge. I was Raised today. What a great experience! I am so glad I did not go through the blue lightning. I would have missed out on all of this. Only three things in my life to date have had more importance than today. First, meeting and marying my wife. Sencond, the gift of my children. Third, my son beating cancer. I received my burial apron, a hat, a knife, the "Monitor", two lapel pins and the Lords prayer art psoter. I am excited to travel to other lodges. I Love the Fraternity, the brotherhood anf all it has to offer. As I was transformed today, I was improved as a man, a father, a husband and a brother.
Fraternaly yours
Jason A Hinds M.M.
Lewistown #104
Lewistown, IL