Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Long time since posting. Masonic "cult"???

An individual recently posted a comment under my "Raised to MM" post. He believes that I am a fool for joining a "cult" as he says. He mentions Christ. I forgot to tell him that one of the first and friendly brothers I met was a minister at the local church. I asked him why he was a mason. He said "it is a great fraternity where you can talk with your fellow mankind without all of the dogma and stigma that labels everyone nowadays. You get to listen to a person and their ideas with out worrying about religion, politics or racial precession." He went on to say that after all these years he had yet to find anything that conflicted with the bible,his service to God or his congregation. I am sure that the gentleman that posted about the "cult" would be quite surprised to find out which upstanding pillar members of his church are also masons. This supposed "cult" that I have joined has improved my transactions with mankind on a daily basis. It has greatly improved my family relationship. It has improved my work ethic. The list is too large to list all. But I truly cannot think of a section of my life that has not been positively affected by masonry. I have read and know the bible very well. There is no conflict with any thing in there and masonry. There is however conflicts in the bible amongst its own words. But you will not find me posting on the Baptist boards about these. I will not try to take someone away from anything that is a positive thing in their life. If a person has improved himself and offers more to his fellow man by joining any group it is a great personal growth no matter what the group. "THERE ARE AS MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO APPROACH GOD AS THAT GOD CAN ALSO APPROACH YOU"