Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I am now a Fellowcraft

Last night I went through my catechism in lodge and the was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft. The catechism was not perfect but I think the members of the Lodge were very impressed. I was just glad to have done it and not have lost my place in the recitation. I then received my 2nd degree in masonry. It was a great experience. If anyone is out there reading these post and say so in the comments...I think I am going to stop writing this I feel pretty stupid writing to a brick wall so-to speak. Im no good at typing so this is not as quick and easy as it is for others. I bought a masons ring. Actualy paid off my layaway. And finally picked it up today. And guess what the jewler is a brother. I am done this is a wast of time

Monday, December 05, 2005

Less than 5 hours to go

This is the day of and less than five hours to go until the catechism and second degree. I am nore nervous now than I thought I would be. I have my memorization down perfect almost without a single word letter or syllable missed. But still I know it will be a different ball game going into the Lodge and doing it all. All that said, I am still gald I chose the old way instead of blue lighting. I will always remember these events, words and rituals.

My goals are to hone to near perfection every undertaking I come upon in Freemasonry and in life . I would like to go to officers school after becoming a M.M. I want to carry out each and every position that I am in with perfection. The way it is supposed to be done not sloppy not cutting corners but hopefully leading by example with the exactness that it was intended to be carried out. I would like to hold all of the officers positions in the lodge before moving on to the York or Scottish Rites. Thus, allowing me ot focus on my duties as an officer of the lodge. Being accessible to my fellow brethren when they need me. Showing the old and new that rituals must be followed to the letter.

Now I am asking a question to all brothers out there. If I were to only going to enter one of the Rites (York or Scottish) which would you recommend? I have been told the basics about both from a couple of brothers and the all differ in their opinion. Your input would be appreciated.
Fraternally yours

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Night before Fellow Craft degree

This the night before the Fellow Craft degree and I and a little nervous. I hope everything goes well tomorrow. I have studied and studied. I know my catechism well but that when its just me and the teacher. Tomorrow will be slightly different. I am going to study tonight by myself to try to reassure myself. Fraternally Yours, Jason

Friday, December 02, 2005

Virgin blog

My first blog ever. My name is Jason. I am a chronic typo-ist so bear with me or don't read at all your choice. On the seventh of November, two thousand and five I was initiated as an Entered Apprentice Mason. I was very interested in Freemasonry for a long time beforehand. It brought a lot of intrigue to me. The secrecy, the wonder, what was it all about? It was a goal of mine for quite some time to become a Mason. I finally met a Mason and asked to join. I have chosen to go the long road or the old way as some may say. No lightning for me just teacher and student sharing stories, learning, reading, asking questions, getting answers, truly learning with my heart. I am so very glad that I chose the old way of progression though Freemasonry. My teacher is an elder with a vast knowledge on just about anything. My teacher is a fellow brother that I probably would not have known the way I do now if I would have chosen the short and easy road. What a shame and waste that would have been not knowing this man, friend, brother not knowing his personal journey his rough spots in life his high points and low. One more bond in the Fraternity. A life long friend missed had I went the easy road. I also wanted to learn it so that I would never forget. It is now the second of December. I have been working hard with my teacher. On Monday, I will return to the Lodge with my teacher. I hope to make him proud and not to make a fool of myself. I am also excited with the expectation of receiving the 2nd Degree afterwards. Today I met with my teacher for the last time before our Monday night journey to the Lodge. He is confident in me and I hope he is right. I will write again after I have progressed. I hope a fellow brother out there is interested in reading blogs or else this is a big waste of time...LOL The blog... NOT FREEMASONRY.