Thursday, January 26, 2006

Masonic Traveler Masters Wages.

As I stated before, I will be traveling to Havana Lodge for three E.A. degrees on Saturday. I am planning on making a conscience effort through out life to be a traveler. It is one of the rights of a Master Mason. "To receive Masters wages and travel freely" I think a lot of people never do this. I will go "cold" to a unfamiliar lodge. I want to go throught the inspection. My teacher (he is also a District Deputy Grand Master) says when I do to ask them questions back after they have asked all of theirs. He says this is your right and duty to make sure you are not entering a clandestine lodge. He said its fun to see the looks on their faces when you start asking them questions.

On the subject of reading material. I bought a book called "THE FREEMASONS" By Jasper Ridley Arcade publishing, New York, 2001.
It is a good book so far. It is a book written from facts pulled from historical texts and publishing. A very good read about the old world Freemasonry. Ridley is not a mason but was allowed to spend 60+days in the Grand Lodge on England library and archives.

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