Monday, January 23, 2006

Profile updated

Hello brothers and fellows, I have updated my profile page so take a look. I am improving myself on a daily basis by being "on the level" with myself and fellow man. I have recently quit smoking. I quit on Jan 13th after 14 years of 1 pack per day. I threw them into our wood burner and never looked back. I credit masonry for this. I had tried to quit many times before but I allowed my will to be weak and gave myself excuses to start back up. This time was different because I had to be a man, I had to be truthfully with myself, I had to release myself from the vices of life, I used the square to square my actions and truth to be true to myself by keeping my will strong and standing behind my decisison.

I am going to attend an E.A. ceremony this weekend. The Havana, IL lodge is bringing in three canidates starting at 8:30am with a fish fry afterwards. I am looking forward to sitting in the lodge as a M.M. and watching. Seeing what I looked like when I went through. It is great to support local lodges. I have been told and believe its true that the greater number of people in lodge on any degree leaves a greater impression on the candidate. Especially on the E.A. degee.

Well, enough for one day!
fraternally yours


munkholt said...

Something funny going on: I cannot see the sidebar (profile, links, previous posts etc.)?

Jason said...

Are other people having this problem? I can still see everything on the right sidebar. Input? Thanks

arod said...

I can see your sidebar just fine... no issues here.

munkholt said...

Weird. I see other Blogspots working just fine. At the bottom of your blog is this: "This is a paragraph of text that could go in the sidebar. -->" A clue?

I am on a Mac, and the problem is both in Safari and Firefox. (But it's okay, I can follow your name from the comments to the profile.)

Mary and the Widow's Son said...

Congratulations on kicking the nicotine habit! Stay with it! You'll be glad you did.

The Widow's Son
The Burning Taper

Jeff Hertz said...

Brother Jason,
I also can not see your sidebar or profile.

Chinonso Osikpa said...

Congratulation! I'm Felix, writing from Nigeria. An FC, Lagos Lodge, District Grand Lodge of Nigeria.